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How to Find Server’s IP Address of Any Website

Today we will share an intriguing trap to discover server IP address of Any site with the assistance of Reverse Ip Lookup. You don’t have to introduce any product to rehearse this trap.

IP Lookup is a method or equation to discover the server’s IP Address of any site. As a matter of fact, in this, we analyze for the IP Address of the facilitating server of any server. With this, we can watch the Ip Address of each site like Facebook, Twitter, and endless more prominent locales. You can have its IP address and different more pith through this query IP strategy. There are various techniques to Trace back the IP address of any site.

There are numerous strategies for Reverse IP Lookup. Best 4 strategies out of them are recorded beneath.

In this strategy basically ping charges work for us to find IP address of any site. As a matter of fact, ping summon works ICMP convention which is made for servers address. Thus this order uses to find the server address.

Tap on begin and type CMD and afterward press Enter.

Presently summon incite will gets open.

Sort ping Site name (for

What’s more, press Enter.

Presently this will demonstrate to you the IP address of the site and all outing subtle elements of the site area.

#2 Using Terminal In MAC Or Linux:-

The terminal resembles the summon provoke yet it is in the OS MAC and in Linux. In this, we can type summons as we did, in CMD. Presently in this terminal, you will query for Ip address of any site utilizing a straightforward summon.

Open terminal with a squeezing CTRL+ALT+T alright console without a moment’s delay.

Presently type ping – c1 Sitename (for ex:- ping – c1

Presently same as in above technique this will show IP address of the server of cyberknowledgebase

#3 Using Network Utility In MAC:-

Discover Server’s IP Address of Any Website

Open Network Utility on your MAC.

There you will discover a ping tab tap on it.

Presently enter the address of the site which you need to Reverse Lookup for IP in the content field box.

Tap on ping catch.

This will ping the site consequently and you will get the IP address of the site server.

#4 Using The WHOIS System

All things considered, you can likewise utilize WHOIS information to discover the IP Address of any site. Typically, clients utilize WHOIS to discover IP address of their coveted sites. You can visit any open site like or to locate the entire insights about the site.

You simply need to visit destinations which offers WHOIS data to people in general and after that look for your coveted site. You will get comes about like the accompanying:

Current Registrar: REGISTER.COM, INC.

IP Address: (ARIN and RIPE IP seek) . . .

#5 Method: Using Online Sites For Reverse IP Lookup:-

There are numerous online sites which render you the IP address of the server of any webpage without utilizing any product or any summon. You simply need to glue or sort the URL of the site which you need to search for the IP address. What’s more, the site will give you the full subtle elements of the site.

Open the destinations li


ke and glue the URL of a site which you need to query for a server address.

Tap on Test Now Button.

By this, the site will show you the full detail of that site.

Comparative Sites:


This is a standout amongst the most adaptable instruments to discover the proprietor and web supplier of any site, area or IP address. Finding IP addresses is utilized for finding the root of undesirable messages or the wellspring of infection and port assaults. Other than the space WHOIS, you can likewise discover the enlisted data about IP address ranges, which can be utilized to in any event distinguish the web get to supplier for dial-up clients with dynamic IP addresses.

Get Site IP


Discover Server’s IP Address of Any Website

It is a standout amongst the most valuable devices in the event that you are hoping to discover up the IP address of any site. It doesn’t give numerous highlights contrasted with other. It essentially records the IP Address and nation it is exceptionally easy to understand clients simply need to enter the site name in the pursuit box.


This is a basic tool kit which furnishes you with the IP Address of any hostname. It gives you the IPv4 address and in addition IPv6 address. It is much-userfriendly, clients simply need to scan for their site name and essentially tap on “Query IP Address” to discover the IP address of any site.


HCI information can be utilized to discover the IP of a host machine (change over host to IP) or space name (change over the area name to IP address) or discover the name of one of the hosts at an IP address (change over IP address). Clients simply need to enter the site name in “Host Name” keeping in mind the end goal to discover the IP address.

As a matter of fact, these strategies are utilized when there is a need to Retrace any site which incorporates a few exercises which we need to think about. Likewise, at some point this Reverse Ip address Lookup strategy is utilized to track the programmers and furthermore to identify a portion of the phishing locales which may include in some illicit exercises on the web.

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